Ireland pictures from Achill Island and Co Mayo, Ireland. These picture galleries on Achill 24/7 show photographs taken on Achill Island and surrounding areas in County Mayo on the remote west coast of Ireland. Gallery 3 features pictures from Burrishoole Abbey, Co Mayo, Ireland.

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Ireland pictures : Gallery 3 : Burrishoole Abbey, Co Mayo

Burrishoole Abbey is located on the north side of Clew Bay, Co Mayo, between Newport and Mulranny. This 15th century Dominican Friary was constructed on a small tidal inlet of Clew Bay (pictured, below). Across this inlet is Burrishoole Lodge, a large stone building that was home to Ernie O'Malley, the Irish revolutionary-turned-writer who bought the property in 1941. O'Malley's American wife, Helen Hooker, extended the buildings at Burrishoole Lodge to create a sculpture studio for her work.
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ireland pictures - Burrishoole Abbey, Co Mayo
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