Ireland pictures from Achill Island and Co Mayo, Ireland. These picture galleries on Achill 24/7 show photographs taken on Achill Island and surrounding areas in County Mayo on the remote west coast of Ireland. Gallery 4 features pictures from the deserted village at Slievemore, Achill.

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Ireland pictures : Gallery 4 : Deserted village, Slievemore, Achill Island

The houses at the deserted village, Slievemore, Achill Island, are all rectangular in shape and typically measure about 7m in length and 4.75m wide. However, with walls of 75cm thickness, the interiors were considerably smaller. Some of the dwellings have a second, much smaller room attached to the gable end. An entire family and various livestock and cattle would inhabit the single, windowless, main room, with beds typically made of heather and rushes laid onto a stone slab. The south-facing gable ends of the cottages tend to be higher than at the northern end, to account for the steep slope of the Slievemore mountain on which they are constructed.[more...]
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cottage at deserted village, Slievemore, Achill Island
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